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About the conference

Perspectives of High Power Computing in Neurosciences


Large projects involving massive computing efforts are being designed and discussed intensively in different fields of research, including some to model higher functions of the human brain.


These approaches raise many questions for research in neurosciences: What relevance has computer modeling in answering biological questions? How does massive modeling relate to other approaches of brain research? What can be expected from massive modeling? To a large extent the scientific community does not feel sufficiently informed on these issues.


The conference aims to inform the Swiss scientific community about the impact of future massive computer based research efforts in neurosciences and to provide elements of answers to related questions. The day should help to form an opinion on these fascinating issues.


The organisers welcome scientists of all fields, press representatives and interested decision makers.The conference will be held in English.




Denis Monard, SCNAT                                      Peter Meier-Abt, SAMS