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January 20, 2012 / UniS, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Bern


Chairman (morning):
Thierry Courvoisier, University of Geneva, President SCNAT

Chairman (afternoon):
Denis Monard, FMI Basel, Past President SCNAT


09:00     Registration

09:20     Welcome by Thierry Courvoisier, President SCNAT

09:30     Andreas Papassotiropoulos, University of Basel

             Introduction (presentation)

09:45     Rainer Friedrich, FMI Basel

             Inter-Disciplinary Approaches to Understand Neuronal Circuits



10:30     Coffee


11:00     Rodney Douglas, ETH Zürich

             Reality and Illusion in Computational Neuroscience

11:45     Henry Markram, EPF Lausanne

             Simulation Based Brain Research


12:30     Lunch


13:45     David Willshaw, University of Edinburgh

             Principles of Computational Modelling in Neuroscience (presentation)

14:30     Alexandre Pouget, University of Geneva           

             Where is the Bottleneck in Linking Neural Activity to Behavior?



15:15     Coffee


15:45     Larry Abbott, Columbia University, NYC, USA

             How Does a Spike Mean? (presentation)

16:30     Round table

             Thomas Schulthess, CSCS, Manno, Klaus Hepp, ETH Zürich and all speakers

             Moderation: Denis Monard, SCNAT

17:45     Closing remarks by Thierry Courvoisier ,SCNAT